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Mortgage Builder® LOS engine may help you prevent errors before they become costly. Our engine will validate the entered data and assist your compliance professionals to take any necessary corrective actions.

Mortgage Builder has a deep bench of mortgage experts and as your trusted mortgage company, we work tirelessly with you to help you prepare for any changes in regulations. Not only are we committed to making sure our LOS supports the most important regulations, but we deliver training, education, and additional resources. Mortgage Builder works closely with key organizations – including Fannie Mae (Technology Solution Providers Advisory Board member), Freddie Mae, Ginnie Mae, CFPB, FHA and the VA, as well as the ResTech and MISMO working committees – to understand the latest changes.

Our expertise and tools are available to you as a part of any Mortgage Builder subscription, and include:

  • Access to over 30 in-house compliance experts
  • Compliance training and tools
  • Compliance workshops and forums

Our Director of Compliance is recognized as a leader in mortgage regulations, and leads the Vendor Regulatory Work Group which works closely with the CFPB and major mortgage vendors on the implementation of regulations (including TRID and HMDA). She was given an award by the Mortgage Professional America magazine for her efforts.

As an example of our commitment with training, Mortgage Builder delivered multiple sessions and trainings at different venues for our customers to help them prepare for TRID, including

  • Over 300 hours of free TRID training and testing in 2015
  • User conference dedicated to TRID
  • Multiple classes a week
  • Extensive online resources

Future regulatory changes supported by Mortgage Builder with the same thoroughness so you can focus on your business

Learn more about how Mortgage Builder is addressing TRID by clicking here for access to our webinar.

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