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HMDA – Preparing Your Loan Officers for HMDA

When: August 17 at 2:00pm

Our webinar “HMDA – Preparing Your Loan officers for HMDA”, is designed to teach you how to prepare your MLOs for the new HMDA rules.

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Archived Webinars

HMDA Data Elements – Optional and Procedural Fields

Our webinar “HMDA Data Elements – Optional and Procedural Fields”, is designed to teach you what operational decisions you need to make in order to accurately report HMDA data.

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HMDA Prep & Implementation

In our webinar “HMDA Prep & Implementation”, Melissa Kozicki is joined by Sheila Strong to discuss how to get you on track and stay there during your implementation.

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HMDA Data Points – NA/Blank Fields

Our webinar “HMDA Data Points – NA/Blank Fields” is designed to inform you on what you need to know about reporting fields that are not applicable.

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UDAAP: What is it and how to avoid violating it

Our webinar “UDAAP: What is it and how to avoid violating it” goes over what exactly UDAAP is, and the potential risks and dangers you could possibly face if you violate it. It is conducted by Melissa Bridges, an attorney at Bodman PLC.

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HMDA 2018 Overview Part VI – Credit and Underwriting Info

Our webinar “HMDA 2018 – Credit and Underwriting Info” is the final installment in our monthly HMDA webinar series. Mortgage Builder’s Melissa Kozicki goes into detail about the underwriting information lenders need to know about the impending HMDA rule changes for 2018.

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HMDA 2018 Overview Part V – Data Points – Property & Borrower Info

Our webinar “HMDA 2018 – Data Points – Property & Borrower Info” is the fifth installment in our monthly HMDA webinar series. Mortgage Builder’s Director of Compliance goes into detail about what property owners and borrowers need to know about the impending HMDA changes for 2018.

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HMDA 2018 Overview Part IV – Data Points – Loan Terms

Our webinar “HMDA 2018 – Data Points – Loan Terms” is the fourth installment in our monthly HMDA webinar series. Its goal is to educate attendees on some of the most important HMDA regulations, rule changes and requirements that are going into effect in 2018. “HMDA 2018 – Data Points – Loan Terms” will be conducted by Mortgage Builder’s Director of Compliance, Melissa Kozicki.

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HMDA 2018 Overview Part III- Data Points – Loan and Fee Info

With new rules being implemented to the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA), Mortgage Builder wants to help you and your team prepare with the latest HMDA requirements. Most requirements are effective January 1, 2018, but some are effective in 2017!

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Trended Credit Q&A Webinar

In October 2015, Fannie Mae announced new requirements surrounding trended credit data. Per the requirements, all credit reports submitted via Desktop Underwriter, as of September 24, 2016, must include trended credit data when underwriting single-family borrowers.

If you are using credit reports for mortgage origination, trended credit data will impact you. To find out how, Mortgage Builder and CoreLogic Credco are teaming up to offer you a platform to get your most pressing questions answered.

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Fair Lending Act

Laws and regulations are designed to protect consumers by prohibiting unfair and discriminating practices, especially those related to race, ethnicity, gender, and marital status. However, with so many different regulations and guidelines, some aspects could get lost in the shuffle. Melissa Bridges from Bodman PLC joins us to discuss some of the Fair Lending regulations. Topics will include:

  • How you are having applicants apply
  • How to adhere to the Fair Lending Regulations, specifically Regulations B and Z
  • How new HMDA rules may affect the Fair Lending Act

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HMDA 2018 Overview Part II – What Loans Get Reported

In our ongoing webinar series dedicated to preparing you for the HMDA rule changes happening in 2018, Mortgage Builder’s Director of Compliance Melissa Kozicki will be hosting the webinar “HMDA 2018 – What Loans Get Reported” to discuss:

  • Differences between closed end and open end loans
  • What types of properties qualify as a dwelling or manufactured home
  • What loans are excluded from coverage

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Keys to Selecting the Right LOS Provider

Mortgage Builder® presents a roundtable discussion being hosted by Tony Garritano of Progress in Lending where he discusses with a panel of industry experts:

  • Key features lenders should be looking for when selecting an LOS
  • How your LOS should prepare you for rule changes like HMDA and TRID
  • Where they see LOS advancements going in the future

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HMDA 2018 Overview Part I – Who Reports What, When

Mortgage Builder’s® Director of Compliance Melissa Kozicki goes into specifics about the upcoming regulations, rule changes and requirements HMDA is forcing lenders to adhere to. Topics include:

  • Who needs to report vs. who doesn’t
  • Which types of loans are covered
  • Future changes expected to be made in the way and which methods you report

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Close Loans Faster and Cheaper: What Paper and Spreadsheets are Costing You

Mortgage Builder’s Lead Trainer Kaytie Smith goes into specifics about how much a paper loan process is really costing you, and the benefits of moving to an LOS. Topics include:

  • The high costs it takes to operate and maintain a paper-based loan process
  • Compliance and security risks you face in a paper environment
  • How collaboration, efficiency and operations will improve when switching to a LOS

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Advertising and Marketing in Today’s Mortgage Market – Part 1 & 2

Mortgage Builder and Bodman PLC are pleased to bring you this free two part webinar program on the topic of Advertising and Marketing in Today’s Mortgage Market. Join us as Howard Lax and Melissa Bridges, Members at Bodman PLC, review some of the regulations surrounding marketing in today’s mortgage space

Topics Covered in Part 1:

  • CFPB mortgage advertising practices rule (Regulation N) and FTC endorsement guidelines
  • TILA advertising rules and disclosure requirement for advertisements
  • Spotting compliance errors

Topics Covered in Part 2:

  • RESPA restrictions on affinity relationships and agreements with referral sources
  • FCC rules on calls, faxes and email
  • Fair Lending issues

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Black Holes in the Mortgage Industry

TRID has created some unique challenges in the mortgage industry, including one that has become known as the Black Hole. These Black Holes relate to changes just before closing and the opportunity to reset tolerances. Join us for a free webinar on Thursday, March 24th from 2:00 – 2:30 EST as Melissa Kozicki, Director of Compliance for Mortgage Builder, discusses this compliance challenge. The webinar will cover:

  • How to mitigate losses through a better understanding of Black Holes
  • Operational policies that can help you minimize the cost to cure
  • Different interpretations of the rule to help you make informed decisions about your policies
  • Examples of Black Holes and what to look for in determining if you can reset tolerances

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Using Social Media in the Mortgage Industry

1 hour by Mortgage Builder and MSource Training & Consulting, Inc

In this program Audrey Acquisti, President/CEO of MSource talks about a number of topics including:

  • What is social media and how it’s being used in the mortgage industry
  • Are you aware of the regulations surrounding social media use and the recent changes
  • Do you have policies in place for your employees that provide guidance for social media use
  • Practical examples of some common situations you likely have or will face

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Leveraging Mortgage Loan Data to Increase Profits

1 hour by Mortgage Builder and Motivity Solutions

In this program Jon Maynell, VP of Client Services for Motivity Solutions, discusses the value of data for today’s mortgage lender. Topics discussed during this webinar included:

  • Use big data to close more loans
  • How using spreadsheets is costing you money
  • Key performance indicators you can use to optimize performance levels
  • How to increase compliance and improve loan quality
  • Discover the industry’s hidden manual processes and how to eliminate them

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1 hour 30 minutes by Mortgage Builder and Bodman PLC

During this program, Howard Lax and Melissa Bridges from Bodman PLC and Melissa Kozicki from Mortgage Builder discusses some of the most vexing issues facing lenders when preparing TRID disclosures including:

  • When do you have an application, fee and cost disclosures, and other Loan Estimate issues
  • Credits, tolerances, black holes, and other Closing Disclosure issues
  • When is a construction loan not a construction loan and other Construction Loan issues
  • Other practical challenges you may be facing

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Mortgage Builder Customer Spotlight Webinar with Shamrock Financial

30 minutes by Shamrock Financial

Rod Correia, President of Shamrock Financial, shares his experience regarding their partnership with Mortgage Builder and how we are helping them increase their efficiency.

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  • August 6-9 2017

    Lenders One Summer ConferenceMinneapolis, MN

  • September 2017

    Motivity ConferenceTBD

  • September 17-19, 2017

    MBA Regulatory Compliance ConferenceWashington, DC

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