Enjoy the comforts of success pricing


Mortgage Builder® Pricing is designed to be transparent and rewarding of success. It has no hidden costs, user fees, or surprise invoices so users of our LOS can budget with precision. Mortgage Builder also builds in automatic volume discounts into every contract so success automatically earns a lower cost per loan. Pricing comprises a Subscription, a per-closed loan fee, and a one-time implementation fee.

Mortgage Builder subscriptions

Working with Mortgage Builder® is about more than just technology – it is a relationship that gives you access to a team of mortgage experts backed by a global mortgage and real estate services company.

A Mortgage Builder Subscription has three major components:


Mortgage Builder employs many of the industry leaders, with a wide range of industry knowledge – whether it be the latest regulations or emerging technology. Working with Mortgage Builder allows you to tap into these resources so you can continuously advance your business.


As an enterprise solution provider, Mortgage Builder continually innovates to stay a step ahead.  As a Mortgage Builder customer, you have access to product roadmaps and open dialogues with management to ensure that your interests are well represented.


Working with Mortgage Builder gives you live and email support, upgrades, migration assistance, and educational resources. This, combined with a hosted data center, a customer portal, and an on-line support center, helping to increase loan closures around the clock.

Other features

  • KPMG SSAE16 certification
  • Extended support hours
  • Product upgrades
  • Support for latest compliance regulations
  • Influence over product roadmaps and patches
  • Access to compliance experts
  • Loan origination best practices
  • Customer resource portal
  • Established user conference and regular workshops
  • Hosting with back-up and disaster recovery
  • State-of-the-art servers
  • Test account
  • IT maintenance
  • Predictable costs

Per-closed loan fee

We offer success pricing so you will never be penalized for growth. With Mortgage Builder, the cost per closed loan is tiered, and every contract has built-in volume discounts. The more you close, the less you pay per closed loan.

In an average month, a majority of your loans will be covered by your Subscription, and in a banner month you will see a reduced cost per loan.

Implementation pricing

The Mortgage Builder implementation engagement is priced separately and is designed to ensure that the transition goes smoothly and you reach your go-live date on time.

We deliver complete solutions that take into account your unique business operations and what you are trying to achieve. We take the time to really listen and use our deep domain expertise to recommend best practices and design efficient workflows that will help you to close more loans with fewer FTE’s and stay compliant.

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