So much more than just software



The Mortgage Builder® implementation engagement is designed to help that the transition goes smoothly and you reach your go-live date on time.


  • Learn your business
  • Identify business goals
  • Share best practices


  • Roles and workflows
  • Integrate software
  • Test software


  • Review compliance
  • Develop curriculum
  • Role-based training


  • Community
  • On-going workshops
  • System tune-ups

On-going training

Mortgage Builder® strives to help you get the most out of your LOS, and we train all users of the system to improve efficiency. On-site training is included with any Mortgage Builder Implementation package, with on-going training available online. Recorded refresher courses are available 24×7.

Best Practices

More important than using a system, is knowing how to best use the system. Our team of mortgage experts is your trusted mortgage company, and is constantly offering training sessions on how to close loans more efficiently and with less risk.

User Training

To be respectful of your time, training is divided into classes for administrators, Loan Officers and processors, covering every part of the loan origination process from filling out the application to secondary marketing.

Compliance Training

Mortgage Builder, along with our parent company, employ over 70 experts in mortgage compliance and is dedicated to helping make sure you are compliant.  We continuously offer courses on the latest regulations.

Update Training

All major product updates are backed by a detailed training to make sure you are fully taking advantage of the latest Mortgage Builder innovation.

On-Demand Training

All training modules are recorded and available on the Customer Portal for new employees or as a refresher. You can download the training materials and watch individual lessons.

System tune-ups

Over time, your company grows, regulations change, and technology advances. To keep you ahead of the curve, Mortgage Builder® offers a Tune-Up services package that assesses your existing processes and recommends adjustments that will increase your efficiency. A Tune-Up engagement typically requires a few hours a week over the course of three months, but is customized for your needs.

Review your LOS configuration

Mortgage Builder comes on site to perform security and compliance checks, and investigate your settings and workflows.

Create initial tune-up report

The results of the initial investigation are included in a report that is shared with you.

Recommend process improvements

Based on the investigations and audits, we will make specific recommendations including settings, best practices, and technology usage.

Present complete execution plan

In addition to providing recommend improvements, we strive for success by pairing the findings with a customized training curriculum.

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