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Position Summary

Sales Solutions Architect

The Story:

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, Mortgage Builder has provided impactful, industry-leading loan origination software (LOS) and loan servicing software (LSS) to mortgage banks, community banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions for over two decades. Mortgage Builder provides enterprise mortgage software solutions for today’s lenders that empower teams, quickly adapt to changing regulations, and are customizable to unique workflows. Mortgage Builder helps today’s mortgage professionals streamline operations, reduce costly errors that can lead to problems with compliance, and close more loans faster to increase ROI.


Summary of the Role:

This role requires exceptional understanding of the residential mortgage origination market as it relates to the demonstration of LOS and LSS technology. This role requires precise knowledge of Mortgage Builder’s products and platform from a technical, design and functionality perspective as well as a thorough understanding of the business benefits of each. The Sales Solutions Architect  is responsible for collaborating with and supporting other stakeholders in the selling process to understand, define, and analyze a prospect or client opportunity.

The Sales Solutions Architect will work in tandem with a Sales Team or Client Services counterpart, and is responsible for:

  • Deciphering and understanding client needs and tranlasting them into solutions.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills are required to interact with clients and colleagues.
  • Must have a strong analytical mind and the ability to identify issues related by clients, scope out additional cross-selling opportunities for the company’s overall product offering.
  • Inspiring clients with a passion for Mortgage Builder’s company story and products.
  • Having the ability to work both independently and within a team.

This individual will design a proposed client approach and may collaborate with other Subject Matter Experts in specific areas of product, IT and development to ensure identification of the best and most effective solutions. The Sales Solutions Architect  will remain involved throughout a sales cycle, and is responsible for ensuring knowledge transfer of the defined solution to the client project team.  The role is expected to be interactive client and outward facing role 75% of the time. Sales Solution Architect is a customer and industry facing role 75% of the time.

Reporting Lines:

This position reports to the Vice President of Sales.



Job Responsibilities

Core responsibilities:

  • Participate in discovery related prospect activities with prospects to diagnose their current technology/process gaps and requirement needs for a new technology platform.
  • Responsible for ensuring that demo environments are content prepared and available for presentations both planned and that develop as time sensitive upon request.
  • Coordinate internal discussion across various departments to gain commitment and approval on proposed solution sets for prospects before sharing with prospects.
  • Support creation and delivery of client proposal and presentations (in coordination with Sales staff).
  • Design specific demonstrations in power point (or Prezi) that address the specific needs for prospects.
  • Have the ability to analyze and compare departmental workflows and architect best practice demonstrations
  • Oversee, organize, manage, and update content for use in RFP and RFI submissions and participate in completion of these projects.
  • Updating all activities performed for a prospect in Salesforce.
  • Participate in all required sales meetings.
  • Travel for face to face client meetings as warranted by prospect needs up to 50% of the time. (post COVID19 restrictions)
  • Travel for industry conference participation to support demonstrations and presentations up to 50% of conference schedules. . (post COVID19 restrictions)
  • Perform other duties as assigned by management.
  • Always deliver exceptional customer service and communication.

Job Requirements (behavioral competencies, education/certifications, technical skills):

  • Maintain and develop strong understanding of all software solutions that are part of the technology solutions for mortgage lender prospects.
  • Have a solid understanding of mortgage terminology and workflow.
  • Clear communication skills, verbal, written and otherwise, including ability to probe backed by active listening, as well as ability to present to a prospect/team audience either in-person or virtually.
  • Ability to collaborate across functions and to facilitate discussions in order to develop agreed-upon recommendations.
  • Strong analytical skills are a required. Must be able to analyze data, draw conclusions, and devise strategies to deliver upon metric-oriented goals.
  • Familiarity with sales process tools (Salesforce, Leadlander, ZoomInfo, etc), and digital marketing tools (Prezi, Constant Contact) necessary to perform the duties of the position. Must be proficient in relevant applications such as MS Office Suite (PowerPoint, Word, and Excel).

Minimum Experience Required:

  • A two year degree is desired but not required
  • 5+ years experience in residential mortgage origination.
  • Residential mortgage loan servicing experience is desirable.
  • 2+ years experience in mortgage technology software
  • Strong B2B experience

Position Summary

Implementation Specialist

Job Description

The Implementation Specialist is responsible for the onboarding and training of Mortgage Builder Software solutions to our customer base. The position will focus on understanding the customer’s needs, completing applicable onboarding/training, supporting the customer throughout the implementation process and providing feedback internally to key stakeholders on areas for improvement based on customer feedback and implementation roadblocks.


  • Assess customer’s needs and determine optimal implementation path
  • Act as the primary point of contact for designated customers
  • Modify project plans for each customer, detailing the tasks that need to be completed for a successful and timely launch of the software
  • Assist customer in optimal utilization of software tools and features
  • Provide training to all customers using webinar tools
  • Develop new processes and recommend improvements to all procedures and ensure optimal level of customer satisfaction at all times
  • Coordinate setup items and other tasks with customers to ensure implementation is completed within required timeframes
  • Schedule and run meetings. Communicate post-training action items and accomplishments.
  • Collaborate with customers, web developers, programmers, product managers, account managers and sales personnel.
  • Identify and communicate risks. Escalate to management when needed.


  • Fluent in verbal and written English
  • Strong understanding/experience in the Mortgage Industry
  • Proven experience working as an Implementation Specialist
  • Sound technical knowledge
  • Ability to multi-task effectively
  • Ability to work independently or as part of a team
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Exceptional communication and customer service skills
  • Organizational skills including attention to detail.
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Knowledge of scheduling, planning, time management and cost control.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • 3-5 years of implementation experience
  • 5-10 years of Mortgage Industry experience


30 Day Goals/Priorities

  • Complete demo with team lead or manager on various solutions you will be supporting
  • Complete shadowing with current Implementation Specialist
  • Understand ticketing/internal systems needed for recording implementation and support issues

60 Day Goals/Priorities

  • Setup & configure software for internal testing
  • Identify any gaps in current process
  • Demonstrate ability to answer high level functionality questions
  • Attain comfort level with a fully configured and workable demo/testing environment with necessary data

90 Day Goals/Priorities

  • Demonstrate ability to begin implementations using defined process
  • Demonstrate ability to identify process efficiencies through utilization of system tools and features, based on client defined workflow process
  • Ability to complete end to end implementation with assistance from Team Lead or Manager

1st Year Goals/Priorities

  • Mastery level understanding of all Implementation processes
  • Mastery level understanding of all products, features and integrations
  • Through time management and mastery understanding, demonstrate ability to have multiple, concurrent implementations running successfully with minimal supervision
  • Create and deliver monthly webinar schedule for continued customer engagement