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Loan Lifecycle Software

From prequalification through post-closing (and loan servicing!) –
Mortgage Builder supports you from start to finish.

Enterprise Software for the Mid-Market

Consolidated Powerful Tools

Mortgage Builder is architected around one system of record, which means we are able to support unified workflows, provide time-saving automation, and include a built-in auditing and reporting tool without heavy customizations or multiple tools to integrate.

This means more efficiency, increased productivity, and fewer errors throughout the following processes:


  • Origination
  • Underwriting
  • Closing
  • Secondary Marketing
  • Post-Closing

Everything You Need

Loan Production

Leverage our mortgage platform for retail, correspondent, and wholesale production. Users are quick to adopt Mortgage Builder because it provides a configurable, independent, channel operational workflow.

Exception-based loan manufacturing uses unique and very specific rules and automations that apply to each audience to help speed closings, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

Our origination portal has error-checking safeguards which helps compliance adherence.

For retail lenders, originators can create applications and have real-time access to all relevant activities within their pipeline.

For wholesale and correspondent lenders, MB offers a TPO portal for real-time broker and lender collaboration.

Streamline customer service and maximize production by decreasing the number of phone inquiries regarding loan status from the outside.

Key Functionalities

Document Recognition (OCR)

Document Recognition structures your loan file with accuracy and speed. Wholesale and correspondent lenders benefit from the proper structuring of loan files. Enabling high levels of recognition accuracy and the automated indexing of documents allows you to expedite the process of moving documents within the system with fewer errors and need for manual comparison.

Once the documents are processed by OCR, the document management system allows automated indexing placement of documents to facilitate workflow.

eDocument Management

Our built-in document generation tool will speed and evolve how you process loan documents. Mortgage Builder’s compliance expertise and depth of experience delivers a dynamic solution that will help you automatically assess and progress. Expedite the mortgage lifecycle. From origination to closing, leverage disclosures and closing packages specific to unique borrower data and loan criteria.

All of this is included with Mortgage Builder. You don’t have to engage and pay an additional third-party document vendor.

Data Extraction

Eliminate data discrepancies and “stare and compare” frustrations. Data Extraction recognizes text inside of images and converts it to data for export. This allows you to use this data with Mortgage Builder and other lending technologies.

Apply greater quality control with validated and verified data. Reduce costly QC audit errors.


Access our fully integrated signing solution where you can electronically share documents with your borrowers. Convenient and efficient, this function allows all signing activity to be tracked and audited by the engine so that you can apply workflow automations based on the data acquired.

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