Meet Emby

We love our ambassador, Emby – a 2 year old, long haired german shepherd.

She’s smart, loyal, and she’s always got your back. She reminds us to stay focused on the important stuff. Emby takes her job seriously and the Mortgage Builder team appreciates her quiet support.

About MB

A Lender’s Best Friend

Emby is quite the superstar – but she doesn’t let it go to her head. She still loves to play ball and watch the squirrels.

For MB, it’s all about work life balance. If we can help you process loans faster, more accurately, and more efficiently, maybe you’ll have time to toss the ball with her.

Let Emby Lead You

Get to know her

You’ll find Emby on our website, in our client tutorials, and with us at events. She is an energetic yet sophisticated companion.

Known for being a great listener – you’ll likely find her wherever you find Mortgage Builder.

Like Emby, we are always here for you – watching out for our customers and making sure to put your interests first. Shepherds are a top choice as service dogs for good reason!

So, if you see Emby, make sure to give her a pet, and know you’ve found a lender’s best friend – Mortgage Builder.

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