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Transparent Pricing

While other vendors may try to nickel and dime you after the fact, Mortgage Builder pricing is designed to be transparent and to reward success – not detract from it. With us, there are no hidden costs, user fees, or surprise invoices. Depending on whether you need an LOS without Servicing, or if you need Servicing without an LOS – we can customize a quote to fit your needs. Contact us at to start the conversation.

What’s Included

We’re Complete… Really.

Mortgage Builder’s pricing lets you budget with more precision. We also have automatic volume discounts in every contract so success automatically earns you a lower fee per loan. In an average month, a majority of your loans will be covered by your subscription, and in a banner month, you will see a reduced cost per loan.

Costs and Fees

How it Works

Pricing consists of a one-time implementation fee plus a monthly subscription fee. If you exceed your monthly plan, you will be charged a standard fee for each additional loan closed. If you want additional customizations, we are available for ad hoc projects to tailor our already flexible solution to your specific needs.

LOS Pricing

What to Expect

Working with Mortgage Builder is about more than just technology – it is a relationship that gives you access to a team of mortgage experts who are backed by a global mortgage and real estate services company.

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