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Mortgage Builder congratulates its President and General Manager, Stephen Ryczek, for being awarded One of 2020’s Lending Luminaries by Progress in Lending.

Stephen joined Mortgage Builder in 2017 with strong management and technical expertise in the mortgage technology space. When Constellation Software acquired Mortgage Builder in 2019, Stephen was named President and General Manager. Stephen’s primary initiative focused on creating positive customer experiences thereto retaining Mortgage Builder’s customer base. It is with his vision that he has set a trajectory for sustained success and growth. His involvement in expediting product innovations and developing new integral partnerships has helped create confidence, grow the product, and re-establish the Mortgage Builder brand.

Personally traveling endless miles with the Account Management team to meet face to face with the Mortgage Builder client base, Stephen listened to their needs and concerns and created a plan to remedy issues and integrate feedback into the product roadmap. He mapped a course for product updates that would evolve Mortgage Builder’s offerings and move into a competitive position. He brought the same energy to the Mortgage Builder staff in that he helped transform corporate culture by placing value on teamwork, individual efforts, and by nurturing a positive workplace – regardless of the challenges imposed by remote work.

Through strong and decisive leadership and driving technology initiatives, Stephen has led Mortgage Builder to success over the last 12 months as a premier Loan Origination and Servicing technology solution.

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